It is Time to Talk About Anti-Gypsyism in Politics.

It is time to talk about anti-Gypsyism within politics.


Oooh, Heaven is a Place with Yurts

I've never been 'glamping' before, but a stay at Cledan Valley in Powys has now made me an addict.


No, Criminals Do Not Give *ME or my Family* a Bad Name.

Words are powerful things. Some of us live by this statement, some people aren’t even aware of how powerful their words can be.   Words can make us feel good, make us smile, make us laugh and also inspire us to do great things. However, we also know that they can hurt us, make us [...]


Get Talking

This Thursday is 'Time to Talk Day' and the message is simple. Talking about your mental health is important. Whatever way you do it.


Happy CBD, To Me!

I try out CBD oil and tell you how GOOD IT IS.


Alpha Males are Dead.

Yep, you read that right. Gone are the days when being popular and 'cool' makes it perfectly fine for you to do what you like with whomever you want. Gone are the days when being There are no more excuses. The Brett Kavanaugh scenario will create such a massive change, so much that even though he [...]


Grow;ng UP (Traveller’s Voice Magazine Article).

Growing up, getting what you want and hating it.



Another train to Cardiff, another blog idea (finally). I've been writing articles for magazines, which is pretty crazy. Being 'printed' was a bucket list entry I didn't even know I wanted to tick off! I've also seen the number of blog posts and social media stuff other bloggers post on a daily basis. It's crazy! Fair [...]


“Wow! You’re Clean for a Gypsy.”

It is 'Hate Crime Awareness Week', so I talk about 'Hate Crime Awareness Week'!


There Are Good Days And There Are Bad Days…

Realness about depression on a bad day.

Optimism & Mental Health Awareness Week.

The sun is out and I'm on another train to another meeting about another instance a discrimination and racism towards my ethnicity. It is also Mental Health Awareness Week this week and I've read some many great blogs, which I understand so much. So I *should* be sick to the teeth of reading and relating [...]

Traveller’s Voice Magazine – Mental Health.

Below is an article that was written for the awesome Traveller's Voice Magazine, go check them out here - http://www.travellersvoice.ie/! "Traveller men are 6.6 times more likely to kill themselves than the rest of the general population, and women are 7 times more likely to do take their lives. Did you know that? As horrible as [...]